So you want to know how much guitar lessons cost?

Short answer, expect to pay anywhere between $25 – $100 depending on the length of the lesson.  

If you’re worried about cost, you may also want to consider these less expensive alternatives to guitar lessons.  Services like JamPlay are a nice way to get your feet wet with lessons (without spending a lot of money).

If you’re ready to take lessons, hopefully we can clarify some things here to help you make an informed decision…


1.  How long does a lesson run?


Most guitar instructors offer either 30 minute lessons or 1 hour lessons.  Expect to pay anywhere between $25-$60 for a 30 minute lesson.  Expect to pay between $50 – $100 for an hour long lesson.

Keep in mind that guitar lesson prices will vary.



2.  Where do the lessons occur?


Normally, lessons in a teacher’s studio will be a little cheaper (because you have to drive to them).  Lessons at your own house will be more expensive (because the teacher has to travel to you).  Pretty straightforward.


3.   Is this a single teacher – or part of a larger music school or music store?


Normally, lessons that occur in a music store are a little cheaper (usually because the music store is making money selling instruments, accessories, etc).

Frequently, instructors at music stores may only receive a percentage of the total lesson cost (since part of the cost goes to the store itself to help promote, pay for space, etc).

On the other hand – private/single music teachers normally promote themselves, pay for their own space/rent – so these lessons may be a little more.

Other things like, teaching experience and music experience/skill may contribute to the cost of lessons.


4.   Single Lessons vs Lesson Packages


Some music teachers will sell packages of lessons – this can sometimes be cheaper than buying lessons on a case-by-case basis, but it also generally requires payment upfront – and commit to several lessons (maybe a month’s worth).

Single lessons may cost more, but they may also come with more flexibility in the form of easy cancellation and no-contract (kind of a pay-as-you-go deal).

The important thing is to find a teacher that fits your musical tastes, learning style, and budget.   There are tons of wonderful and passionate music teachers out there.


5. Group Guitar Lessons vs Private Guitar Lessons

Private guitar lessons cost more the group lessons.  Obviously.

But that doesn’t mean that they are always the better choice.

If you have group music lessons available – and you’re an absolute beginner – you may want to check them out.

With group lessons you get a general overview of the instrument and a good foundation.

Better yet: Group guitar lessons cost less than private lessons.

When I run group guitar classes, the cost generally ranges from $10 – $25 per class (though the cost varies depending on class size).


A few more things…


The average cost of guitar lessons will be continent upon all of the factors above.

It’s important that you find a guitar teacher that will meet your needs (but also fit within your budget).

Don’t be afraid to talk with your teacher about what you can afford, what you want to learn on the guitar, and what you can expect from his or her guitar lessons.

Don’t forget!  There are other costs that factor into learning guitar…

Some people like to rent guitars when they’re starting off (as a way to save money). 

There are also a ton of guitar accessories that you may want to check out.

If the price of private guitar lessons is too high – check out something like JamPlay.  


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