It’s easy to get caught up in the technical aspects of playing music.  We frequently focus on learning to play faster, more accurate, more difficult chords, more complicated styles and genres.  While  it’s good (no great) to push ourselves, sometimes we need a reminder of why we play music in the first place.

I had a student recently request a bunch of songs by George Ezra (who I hadn’t previously heard of).   When students request new songs by new artists I sometimes get nervous (will I be able to learn these songs fast enough to teach them?  are these songs too difficult for a beginner?  Are there even guitar parts in these songs?).  After listening to a few of the George Ezra songs I quickly realized:

1.  I had nothing to worry about.

2. I’m so glad that my student told me about this artist.

3. I remembered the fun and excitement of discovering (and learning) new music.

That’s it!  Check out the video above (and any other George Ezra stuff).