No... not the best (but my favorite for electric, I also like the acoustic version)

No… not the best (but my favorite for electric, I also like the acoustic version)

So what are the best guitar strings?

Rather than answer it for you, I will let three of the best living guitar players answer it.

Check out the deleted scene from “It Might Get Loud” below (if you’d prefer to be spoiled, just scroll down and I’ll tell you)

So the answer….

Well according to all three of these guys…


The best strings are….




Jimmy Page used freaking BANJO strings because they worked best.

Jack White has tried everything.

Even The Edge brings up a good point…

Some guitars you just want to leave those old mellow strings on forever and ever.  Some guitars you ALWAYS want a fresh set.

Which also leads to another point:

The best strings for acoustic may not be the best strings for an electric guitar.

Obviously the best classical guitar strings won’t work for the best steel string guitar.

The best nylon strings for you are not the best for me.

What think are the best bass strings, you might think are cheap pieces of crap.

If you’re truly looking for guidance, check out what your favorite guitarists use (or used to use).  Chances are they’ve changed over the years. 

The point is to…

Try out a bunch of different strings to see what works best for you

Part of the fun should be to experiment with different styles, different gauges, and different brands.

I think it’s a lot cooler to find a particular brand that you just simply love (even if they are the cheapest guitar strings available).

As Jack White said… “all guitar strings break”.

PS: If you are a guitar player, singer, songwriter, or any kind of musician and you haven’t seen “It Might Get Loud” (currently you can watch the whole thing online for free here).