The Holidays are coming.

Maybe your kids are asking for a guitar.


But you may be wondering the best guitar to get a beginner.

Here’s the criteria I look for in a beginner guitar:

Note: (if you don’t want to read all of this, just skip down to “Step 2” below for my recommendations). 

✓ Inexpensive and cheap

✓ Actually sounds good when played

✓ Good quality (will not break or fall apart)

✓ Looking to spend between $100 – $200 


Here’s what we want to avoid:

✗ Toy guitars (anything you buy at Walmart, Target, etc). 

✗ Cheaply made of plastic or poor quality materials

✗ Something that is not returnable/non-refundable

✗ Less than $100 (usually guitar this cheap, aren’t worth it). 

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Decide on an Acoustic vs an Electric

Decide if your child wants an acoustic or electric guitar. Contrary to popular belief you do NOT need to learn to play an acoustic guitar before learning the electric.  

Not sure what they want to play?  Just ask them.

Still not sure?

If they’re more on the rock/pop/blues/country/heavy metal side of the music spectrum… Get an electric. 

If they’re more on the softer/quieter/classical/jazz side of the music spectrum… Get an acoustic.

Still not sure?

Look at the music/bands they listen to… do those musicians play acoustic or electric.

Still not sure?

Just get an acoustic.

Step 2: Here’s What to Buy


If your child wants an electric guitar, get this:

For the guitar, I’d suggest a Fender Squier. 

NOTE: If your child is on the smaller size (11 years and younger), you may want to get a Fender Squier “Mini”

Squiers and Squier “Minis” are good quality for the price, and run between $100 and $130. Tons of different colors to choose from.  They’re great for all kinds of music: country, rock, blues, pop, heavy metal… pretty much anything.  These are pretty much the standard when it comes to entry level guitars (for kids and adults).

You’ll also need an amplifier and a guitar cable. 

I like this Line 6 model.

And a guitar cable like this.


If your child wants an acoustic guitar, get this: 

If your child wants an acoustic guitar, get this Fender FA – 100

It’s about $100 and will last forever.  Great entry level guitar.

NOTE: If your child is on the smaller size (usually ages 11 or younger), you may want a smaller (3/4) sized guitar like this Yamaha model.


You’ll do well to get any of the guitars listed above.

Again… avoid anything that looks like a toy or can be purchased a toy store.  These are not real guitars and can be very difficult to play and keep in tune.  They also tend to break and fall apart easily.

Also… you may want to check out some cool guitar accessories here (nice stocking stuffers). 

That’s it.  If you still have questions, hit me up on Facebook or e-mail me.  I’m happy to help!