Today’s question is super quick and easy.


What’s the best way to play B Minor (Bm)?


Short answer:  Use this diagram….Bm Chord Diagram Charts

Longer answer…

 Use any of the variations on the chart listed above (FYI… I made a handy dandy PDF version if you want to download it, just scroll to the bottom of the page).
Here is a breakdown of each variation:
Beginner B, B7, or Bm:
While this version isn’t really B minor…. it will do in a pinch.  It’s closer to a B7 (or even a B chord) and will work as an easy substitute for any of those chords.
Beginner Bm: 
This three-fingered version of B minor is legit.  It will sound like B minor and it isn’t too difficult.  There is a bit of finger stretch that you’ll need to do, and it’s a little different from most open chords that we learn.  Try to only strum the bottom 3 strings (that you’re pressing down).  But don’t worry… it’s not the end of the world if you end up hitting all six strings.
B minor:
This four-fingered version is great.  Once you’ve mastered the three fingered variation, this is the next step.  As with the 3 fingered version, try to only strum the strings your actually fretting (i.e. pressing down).
Bm Bar Chord:
This is one of the first bar chords that most guitar players learn.  It isn’t easy (but most bar chords aren’t easy).  Patience and finger/hand strength are the key here.