best guitar stand

I’ve written about practice.

A lot.

I’ve talked about the best practice techniques to learn to play the guitar fast.

I’ve even talked about the best ways to practice, motivate, and teach yourself guitar.

But even with all of that information, sometimes we just won’t practice.

Or for parents – we can’t get our kids to practice the guitar.

Or for guitar teachers (like me) – we can’t get our students to practice the guitar.

But I’ve found something that works 99% of the time…..

This Stupidly Cheap and Awesome Guitar Stand


It seems crazy to think that a $12 guitar stand could get my students to start practice on a regular basis.

But, I’m telling you: It worked.

Here’s why:

Its easy to stuff the guitar back in the crappy little case it came with, then shove that crappy little case under the bed. 

Then what happens?

The kid forgets.

The parent forgets.

I don’t forget.

I show up to teach our weekly guitar lessons and watch the student pull the guitar out of the case…. the guitar that hasn’t been touched since our last lesson.

And we go through the lesson frustrated that we’re covering the same material.

So how does a guitar stand fix this issue?

It keeps the guitar out in the open.

It reminds the student that it’s fun to play the guitar.

It reminds the student to practice.

It reminds the parent that the student needs to practice.

Or… if you’re an adult… it reminds you that you need to practice.

I’m guilty of it to.

I leave my guitars in their cases (or worse, I leave my guitars in my car) and forget to bring them inside.   Not only is this bad for the instrument, it’s bad for my practice skills.

Fortunately, I have extra guitars in the house…. proudly on display in their stands.

I don’t forget anymore.

What is the best guitar stand?

Honestly – I don’t really care.

As long as it securely holds up your guitar, you’ll be in good shape.

This affordable guitar stand works well (and I own several of these).

I also have wall mounted guitar stands or hangers.

If you’re looking for something fancier, these Taylor Wood Guitar stands are pretty solid.

The point is – keeping the guitar out in the open (i.e. visible on a guitar stand) will prompt you (or your child) to pick up the guitar and play.

Even if you’re only picking it up for a few minutes – it’s better than nothing.

Keeping the guitar stashed under the bed, in closet, or in the corner won’t do any good.

Even if we see it sitting over there in the corner, the mental energy of pulling it out, getting it out of the case, tuning it up, etc. is enough of a barrier to ignore practice altogether.

It seems silly and stupid – but I’ve seen it happen with plenty of my students.

There’s a “show-off” factor as well.

Displaying your guitar for all of your guests to see is kind of cool – and promotes more guitar playing.

It’s the same with kids.

I’ll have students leave their guitar in their stand.  When they have friends over the guitar inevitably get’s pulled out and played.

If you’re struggling to fit practice in to your schedule – or if you’re struggling to get your child to practice, try keeping the guitar out in the open.

It’s cheap – and worth a shot.

Good luck!

That’s it!  Let me know if this has worked for you in the comments below!

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(Photo Credit: Matt Ryall)