One of the most popular articles on this site has to do with how to hold your pick and keep it from slipping out of your fingers

(check out that article if you’re looking for tips to keep your guitar pick from slipping and sliding around in your fingers while playing)

If you’re interested in trying out something new that will keep your pick from slipping…  JimsPick are worth a try. 

A few days ago I received an email from Jim asking if I’d try out his new patented and trademarked picks.  Of course I’ll try them out!  He was kind enough to send over some samples.

Here’s what he sent:

3-Pack of Non-Slip Guitar Picks and a 12-Pack of Peel& Stick Grips

So What are They?

Not what I expected.

I expected a textured pick.  You know.. like a regular pick with some grip/texture to it… something like these Dunlop Picks.

The world is full of grippy picks… like these, or these, or whatever the hell this stuff is (someone please buy that last one and tell me if it works).

So how are Jim’s picks different from all of the other grippy picks of the world?

These picks are GRIPPY!

I mean like… really grippy.

Jim’s picks are regular, medium guitar picks with a non-slip adhesive sticker added to each side of the pick.

You can see that the non-slip sticker adds some width/thickness to the pick.

The adhesive stickers have the feel of 120 grit sandpaper.  I think this is just the right amount of texture. Anything coarser or finer just wouldn’t work as well.  I imagine Jim went through multiple iterations before deciding on this level of texture.  I think these picks have the sweet spot of pick texture.

I tested the picks that Jim sent as well as the peel & stick grips (on a few of my own picks).

I played a few solos, licks, and some HEAVY strumming.

The result?

You can grip the hell out of these picks and they aren’t going anywhere.

At the time of this article I don’t have any light picks available, but I’d really to to try some of the peel and stick grips on a nice floppy pick.

If you’re having trouble holding your pick, if your pick keeps slipping in your fingers, if your fingers get super sweaty (gross) while you’re playing:   These picks will absolutely help. 

Additional Considerations

These picks are definitely worth a try if you’re having trouble. But there are some things that I feel could be improved upon:

The Peel & Stick Grips

These are the best bang for your buck, and you should absolutely buy a pack and see for yourself.

It took me a few tries to find the right placement of the sticker.  I didn’t really like where the sticker was placed on Jim’s package of picks.  After a bit of trial and error I ended up putting the sticker further down the pick (closer to the pointy part of the pick).

I also only put the grip on one side of the pick (and when I hold the pick I keep the grippy part on my thumb).

I’d be interested to see what it feels like to have a larger sized sticker (that I could subsequently cut down to the size of my pick… not sure if that would even work).  I guess you could get a roll of adhesive-backed sandpaper and try it yourself (I’ve heard of guitar players doing this).

I just found that as I was strumming I wished that the grip covered more of the pick.


One other thing to watch out for are scratches…..

Just barely moving the pick on my table made a few scratches.  It’s not the end of the world… but certainly something to be mindful of (you don’t want to scratch up the nice finish on your guitar).

I don’t know how you avoid this… such is the nature of sandpaper like surfaces.  Just be careful.

Should You Use These Picks?

Yeah.  If you’ve ever had an issue holding your picks, these will absolutely help.

Full disclosure:  I’ve never had an issue holding my picks.  I’m not trying to boast, but it’s not something I’ve struggled with.  What does this mean?  It means that I am not the target market for these picks – and it’s only fair to you (and to Jim) that you know this.

So who is the target market?   

I’m guessing a good chunk of my guitar students.

So over the next few weeks I’m going to give these out to my students and see what they think.  I’ll be back with a more detailed review soon.

In the meantime, you can (and should) head over to Jim’s website to try these for yourself!

(Final Disclosure: It’s also worth mentioning that my ego knows no bounds.  So the fact that the picks have “JP” stamped on them doesn’t hurt.)

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(FYI – Jim sent me this stuff for free.  I don’t receive any compensation for reviewing these items)