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We provide guitar instruction for busy kids and adults.  All of our awesome lessons are done  in your home.   Our students love the convenience (i.e. not having to sit in traffic, deal with bad weather, etc), flexibility, and comfort (i.e. not having to hang around a music store with a bunch of other students waiting for your lesson)



What you will learn…


WHATEVER YOU WANT!!  Seriously.  Our teachers specialize in everything from:

  • Beginner to Advanced technique.
  • All kinds of styles, including: rock, pop, blues, folk (fingerpicking is my favorite), jazz, metalagain – whatever you want. 
  • Some of our students want to play awesome lead guitar.  While some of our students want to be the next Taylor Swift or John Mayer, others dream of strumming Beatles tunes with their family by the campfire (or impressing the rest of your office with some sweet blues licks).

We teach all ages – but we understand that kids and adults learn in different ways - this is fairly obvious – though many instructors/schools teach adults and kids in the same way, and with the same material.  We take a different approach (in other words, if you’re over the age of 10, we’re not going to teach you “Mary had  a Little Lamb”… unless you want us to).

It’s really important to teach/learn material that is engaging (and actually interesting) – we want to do what we can to help you stick with it.  This approach is a little unconventional, but really effective, and really fun.

In addition to guitar technique, we incorporate performance and/or recording if students are interested.  One of the biggest motivators in learning the guitar is having something to look forward to – a tangible goal.  At least once a year, we try to provide performance opportunities (typically at a local coffee shop or other venue) if our students are interested.  Additionally, many students enjoy having their music recorded so they can share with family and friends.  We can do both.


Who should take our lessons?

Our music lessons are geared towards individuals (kids and adults) who lead hectic and busy lives (and may not have the time commute to a music store or studio every week).   After dealing with this stress for years (the traffic alone was enough!), we decided to do something about it and provide an alternative to studio or store-based lessons.

There’s no hassle and no stress.   We can set up a structured schedule, or just set up lessons whenever (and however frequently) you want.  Some of our students take weekly lessons, some like a less structured schedule.  We’re flexible.  Our goal is to remove as many barriers as possible to help you learn how to play the guitar (and actually enjoy it). 


Lesson Information:

Before your first lesson, we will talk about your goals, skill level, and musical tastes.  This will help to give us an idea of where to start with an organized and tailored plan.  If you want to learn what a typical lesson is like, click here.


Please fill out the form below to inquire about lessons (first lesson is half-price)…


About Jake Posko, Owner:

head2Jake has spent his entire life performing, and has over 15 years of guitar experience.  He has been performing professionally in the Baltimore/Washington area for over 10 years - including local venues like Rams Head and Stan & Joe’s.

In addition to his background in music, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from The University of Maryland College Park, along with professional experience in higher education, in an advising and counseling capacity.

His favorite artists include Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, The Black Keys, Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, Mason Jennings, and the list goes on.

Click here to e-mail us directly or give us a call: 410-215-7574. 

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