The holidays are coming.  If you have a guitar player in your life, here are some easy (and cheap) gift ideas.

Buying gifts for musicians can be tricky (most of us are extremely particular about what type of gear we use).

That doesn’t mean there aren’t staples that will always be needed.

Oh… and everything should be well under $50.

So, what should you buy?

Note:  If you’re looking for recommendations on which guitar to buy Christmas, you may want to check out any of the following articles….

Guitar Strings

beginner electric guitar strings

Extra sets of guitar strings are always a welcome gift.

As a guitar teacher, I’ve found that most of my students don’t have an extra set of strings.   There have been many occasions when I show up to teach a guitar lesson only to find that the student hasn’t practiced because of a broken string.


If only they had an extra set of strings on hand.

So what kind of strings should you get?

Here are my suggestions:

Acoustic Guitar Strings: D’Addario Light Gauge Strings

Electric Guitar Strings:  Ernie Ball Regular Slinky

Classical Guitar Strings:  D’Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings

Those are my guitar string suggestions.  Feel free to deviate from them

Part of the fun of playing the guitar is trying out different styles and brands of guitar strings.  Just make sure that you’re buying the strings for the right type of guitar (i.e. don’t get electric guitar strings for an acoustic guitar).


Guitar Tuner

Note the purple nail polish...

This is a photo of my guitar tuner.  Note the purple nail polish…

I’m constantly leaving my tuner at my student’s homes (hence the distinguishing nail polish).

Despite the nail polish, I still like to have extra tuners on hand.

They’re inexpensive, small, and durable.

I’ll keep one in every room where I have a guitar.

Here’s my guitar tuner suggestion:

Clip-on Guitar Tuner:  Snark ST-2 Multi-Instrument Chromatic Tuner

Chances are the guitar player in your life already owns a tuner.  That’s ok.  Multiple tuners can be a good thing.  I think this Snark is the best guitar tuner.

It’s easy to read and easy to use.


Guitar Lessons

I really like this idea for guitar players.  Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, lessons are always a good idea.

Most music stores will offer gift certificates for private lessons.

I offer gift certificates for in-home lesson and online guitar lessons.

If lessons are too expensive, or if you want something a little more flexible, try a subscription service to something like Guitar Tricks or JamPlay (most of these even run holiday discounts).

If you’ve never heard about these types of guitar subscription services, you may want to check out this review.


Guitar Stand

best guitar stand

Guitar stands do more than just display your guitars for all to see.

More importantly, they keep the guitar out in the open (so you remember to pick it up and practice).  There’s nothing worse than a beautiful guitar stashed away in a guitar case (shoved under a bed or in the back of a closet).

Any stand will do.

I have several of this kind of guitar stand.

However…. if some nice person were to buy me a sweet (and pretty guitar stand) like the Taylor one below, I’d gladly

Guitar Picks

guitar picks

Here are a list of places where I find guitar picks:

  • Pockets
  • Sofa Cushions
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Washing Machine
  • Pillow Cases
  • Sock Drawer
  • Crevices of my car
  • My wallet
  • Inside my guitar

The list goes on.

You know where I don’t find my guitar picks?

In my guitar bag where they’re supposed to be.

The bottom line: Guitar picks are easily lost, and always a great guitar stocking stuffer idea.


Guitar Pick Maker


Or you could get a guitar pick maker.

This is one of those things that I would never buy for myself…. fortunately a student gave one to me as a guitar-related gift last Christmas.

It’s awesome and I love it.

This stapler-like device stamps out guitar picks from old gift cards and credit cards.  Perfect for all of those gift cards that get spent when the holidays are over.


Guitar Strap

best guitar strap

Most amateur and beginner guitar players own the one black and boring guitar strap that came with their guitar.

A few years ago my wife got me an awesome guitar strap a few years ago that has prints of old french advertisements on it.  I love it for sentimental reasons (and because it looks cool).  I almost exclusively perform with it.

Amazon has tons of straps to choose from.  You may also want to check out Etsy and eBay for more unique and handmade options.




This Jimmy Buffett songbook is the reason that I play guitar.

It’s where I started learning my first chords.

If not for this, I don’t know if I would have started playing guitar.

With the resources on the internet you really don’t need a songbook.

But I have to admit…. I love the guitar songbooks that I own.   I don’t use them that often, but it’s reassuring to crack one open and run through a few songs.


Guitar T-Shirts


Guitar T-Shirts (and other guitar-related-clothing items) can be hit 0r miss.   Be careful, as you can risk crossing the line the divides guitar enthusiasts and guitar nerds.

I like the “Gsus Saves” T-Shirt.   It’s nerdy…. but not super nerdy.

Amazon has a good selection, but like the guitar straps you should also check out Etsy for other unique clothing options.



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