What Students (and Parents) Are Saying…

I like to link to my reviews on Facebook (because they are updated by my students) and hopefully give you an idea of what to expect.  Or you can check out some testimonials below….

“After taking lessons for 2 months now… I’m playing some songs, learning scales, and bar chords.  And wow did that open a whole new door to music… You don’t feel rushed and you have good time to warm up, practice, and learn… Jake is a very good teacher and I highly recommend his lessons. I honestly feel like I have made GREAT progress and most of all Jake makes learning music fun.”

– Ray J.

Thank you so very much again for your knowledge, and the gentle way you engaged a six year old in making music!”

– Linda L.

Music should be fun, rewarding, awesome, fulfilling, (and any number of other really awesome adjectives).  But…learning any musical instrument can feel awkward, so it helps to have a teacher who wants you to feel confident and relaxed while you’re learning.  But you should feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible (remember… this should be fun)

Speaking of being relaxed… why would you bother carting your kids off to a music store (pack up their instruments and materials, drive them to the store – probably in traffic, and wait around for 45 minutes while the lesson occurs in a sketchy little room).  It’s stressful for you – but also for your kids!  This is why we take the stress out of music lessons.   You can relax in your own home (and your kids can enjoy an environment that they are familiar with).  Not only is this less stressful – but it can actually help the learning process.


A Note About Practicing…


You’re busy.  Your child is busy.  We’re all really busy.  I get it.  It’s okay.  You can still learn to play the guitar without spending every single second of your (limited) free time practicing.

I’m a strong proponent of deliberate practice. This is how elite musicians become elite musicians.  But it’s also how beginners (or anyone) can learn more quickly – without spending a lot of time.  Essentially it boils down to practicing the right material.  I’m big on efficiency.


I’m also big on having fun.

How We Make it Fun…

I’ll teach you the songs you love.

Before our first lesson, we’ll talk about the music you like. Then I’ll design a course of study that will teach you the fundamentals of guitar playing by teaching you your favorite songs.

We’ll build your skills up – so you actually see and feel progress.

Nothing is worse than spending time (and money) on lessons that just don’t seem to be going anywhere (trust me – we’ve been that student before – it is terrible).  So, our goal is to make sure that we’re actually making progress – and having fun.  If things don’t seem to be working, we’ll rethink our lessons to make sure you’re seeing the progress you want!

Above all, we bring our love of teaching and passion for music to each lesson. 

Call it passion.  Call it love.  The bottom line…all of our teachers love teaching.  Funny right?  We provide music lessons because we love to help others learn… kids and adults!  


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