I saw a post on reddit the other day that asked if anyone had any regrets over getting rid of a guitar.

I can think of maybe three guitars that I’ve lost…

  • A black electric guitar that I gave to a friend of mine (who may have then given it to his dad).  No regrets here.
  • A black and white electric guitar that my uncle made from a kit (probably back in the 70’s).  I loaned it to our high school drama club for a musical one year (to use as a prop).  The idiot who was supposed to use it threw it off the stage and broke it.   Why he did it?  I don’t know.  I’m still bitter. 
  • And lastly… a Martin…. that’s the one I want to talk about today…

I first started to play bars and clubs when I was about 21… about 15 years ago.  I worked at a club in Annapolis, MD (at the ticket office).  Eventually, the manager found out that I could play and let me sit in as an opening act (when the actual opening act cancelled/didn’t show).  Needless to say… this was super awesome.

One of the kitchen staff heard me, liked what he heard, and referred me to another club where he worked.   It was thanks to him that I got my foot in the door and got my first real (consistent and regular) gig.  Monday nights at 9:00 PM.  ($75 for four hours…. ugh).  It was awesome at the time.

I played that club for years.  At one point my kitchen-staff-benefactor gifted me a natural-finish acoustic Martin.  I didn’t know enough to know the model or the year.

But I knew it was a nice guitar. 

But the downside…..

I didn’t really like it.

I know.

I shouldn’t be an ass.

I shouldn’t complain.

But… I didn’t really like it.  Never played it.

Time passed.

I stopped playing the club and lost touch with everyone there.

I still had this guitar.  Gathering dust.


I traded it in.

I got myself a Mexican made Fender Strat.  The value was probably similar to the Martin.

I felt bad about getting rid of it.  But it’s stupid to keep guitars around if sentiment is the only reason.  Let them go and let someone else enjoy them.

I still have the fender strat.  I play it nearly every day.  It’s got bumps and bruises.  I’ve written songs on it.  I bring it to my guitar lessons and teach other people with it.

I love it.

I truly do.

To be fair… I still have a fair number of acoustic guitars

My little acoustic family...

My little acoustic family…

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